SMO is all about working with corporate images and reputations online - by spreading the good word and containing the negative criticism.

At iDigitalise we work towards creating a positive image by identifying and targeting relevant social platforms for each client. Traditional marketing often does not connect on an individual level - preferring to target the masses or those offering the greatest return. In optimizing interactions based on the Pareto Principle, individual relevance is lost. In Social Media Optimization, it is necessary to engage, in a controlled manner, with all fans, users, and followers. IDigitalise facilitates these interactions between the target audience and clients - forging a relationship built on trust and friendship. Our dedicated team of quality analysts maintains a company's image by ensuring constant communication between the audience and the brand.

Because users now have multiple platforms on which to share their opinions and debate brands, it is important to have a finger on the pulse of several different platforms. iDigitalise leverages its expertise in social media by creating custom solutions for each client, by using custom apps, sites and relevant analysis to market to the growing number of social media users.

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